INTRAVERSE (Kindle)   The days of individual explorers are over. Or are they? In the 21st century, nuclear physicist Keith Raeler challenges the mystery of the least understood force in the cosmos. To synthesize and control gravity, he is employed at BRON, the scientific mega-complex of the world's largest particle accelerator near the village of Halka, Texas. But he also has another, concealed agenda, a covert quest shared only with his own and one other family. Utilizing everything from quantum mechanics to bizarre, hyper-dimensional experiments -- to something else, known exclusively to a secretive group of Native American elders -- he strives for a chance to make a radical, treacherous journey into an unknown realm. With only humanity's wonder and puny resources against incalculable odds, Keith pits his reason, his science, his passion, his life against the mysteries of Intraverse -- into the very core of what has been believed to exist only in the enigma of magic.